Vaporwave Clothing, Aesthetic Clothing and much more !

石原// Ishihara Design, Est.2017 Osaka//大阪

Who are we?

Ishihara Design is born from a simple idea: what if our community of amazing artists had another medium to express themselves and provide for their fans ? 

This simple Idea snowballed into what is today the best online based aesthetic brand.

With partnerships with some of the best acts in the scene, Ishihara Design puts forward a new culture, and offers fans an opportunity to not only be part of this exciting community, but also help it grow and spread around the world. With huge brands and business-focused entities gradually taking cues from what is easily today’s most exciting and refreshing trend, we decided it was time to build a brand that truthfully represents what we stand for and allows you to support your favorite artists directly ! This is why we give 100% of the benefits from our collaborations to our artists. Having our brand artists-focused also allows us to deliver the best content, and help the community as a whole ! Isn’t that wonderful ?

Love, 石原DS。

All of our content is original, in-house designed, and non-copyright infringing.
100% of the benefits from our collaboration pieces go towards supporting the artists.

For all inquiries, please contact us at: